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Hype is The Changer of the World.


Unfortunately or not the Hype is the new driving engine of the world economy.

You can ride this train even not releasing about it.

The advertisements and the media flooding every possible gap with an information, rising the hype about an item or a service.

In order to prevent riding the hype-train (as I am calling it ), and prevent at least partially unreasonable spending - here some notes you can try following and see how it will goes.

  • Think twice. Each time You reach for something out of the media hype - try to decline it the best way You could.
  • Check about the other options.
  • Ask about current users opinion. Create a thread in some local forum related to the product, and see the opinions.
  • Hold down a bit. No need of rush, except You really need it now.
  • Investigate it's real properties.
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Yordan Yanakiev

Yeah. That's me.

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